Mr. Heatcam

BOOKING: All events must be paid in full upon purchasing an event photography package. A non-refundable 50% event retainer will be held to reserve the date for your event and also serves as a cancellation fee.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If the client cancels photography services at any time (except 14 days before the event) the client must forfeit 50% of the total fees for photography services booked. This will serve as a cancellation fee. The other 50% of the total fees for photography services booked, will be returned to the client. If the client cancels photography services 14 days to the start of the event, the client must forfeit 75% of the total fees for photography services booked. This will serve as a late cancellation fee. The fees can be credited towards a future event if the client does reschedule the appointment by contacting Mr. Heatcam LLC a minimum of 72 hours prior to the date of event and by re-booking at an agreeable date and time. If the client does not contact Mr. Heatcam LLC on time, the client will then forfeit 100% of fees paid to reserve said event. This serves as a 100% cancellation fee. No refunds will be given 72 hours prior to the event. Events booked within 48 hours must be paid in full upon initial booking and are considered final. No refunds will be given within that final 48 hour time period. This will serve as a 100% cancellation fee. 

TRAVEL & LODGING: Packages include travel up to a distance of 35 miles. After 35 miles the client will be billed at 60 cents per mile. Travel and Lodging both must be covered if the event is a distance of 35 miles or more and the event is past 11pm (at photographer's discretion and will be agreed upon by both parties prior to the event). If the event is an event that spans over several days and/or when traveling out of state or outside the USA, all meals, travel, and lodging expenses must be covered by the client for any photographer(s) being staffed by Mr.Heatcam LLC for said event. PHOTOS: Clients will receive photos via password-protected private link no later than 5 business days after the event, unless agreed upon by both parties, prior to the event. Please email using the email you used to book the event if specific turn-around requirements are needed prior to booking said event. Clients will also be available to purchase prints from a private link.

PAYMENT: All services fees (plus taxes) can be paid preferably via any US-issued and most non-US issued credit, debit, prepaid, or gift cards (“Cards”) bearing the trademarks of American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. (“American Express”), DFS Services, LLC (“Discover”), MasterCard International Inc. (“MasterCard”) and Visa Inc. (“Visa”) (collectively, the “Networks”). We are not required to accept any card brand as a condition of receiving the payment services. We may remove or add cards that we accept at any time without prior notice. We prefer to NOT accept cash, money orders, or checks. Payments by credit/debit card, Square, Circle, Venmo, and PayPal are accepted ONLY at this time. Please email us at using the email you are using to book your appointment, if your event has special requirements.

PARKING: If free parking is not provided for the event, the client is responsible for covering that event for the photographer(s) being staffed for said event. Receipts will be submitted to the client.

DISCLAIMER: If Mr.Heatcam LLC cannot perform this contract due to fire or other casualty, strike, act of God, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to photographer’s illness or emergency, then the photographer shall return the retainer fee to the client but shall have no further liability with respect to the contract. This limitation on liability shall also apply in the event that photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera or other media malfunction, lost in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault on the part of the photographer.

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